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Our Military Impact

Since 2004, the Patriot Training Foundation has given young men and women a distinct advantage as they pursue an officer’s commission in the Armed Forces of the United States or enlist with a combat or lifesaving contract.  As a result, our trainees arrive ready to perform and lead at a very high level in an exceptionally competitive environment.  PTF provides training without cost in the areas of leadership, fitness, fieldcraft, marksmanship, medical and water competency.  These officers and enlisted personnel serve or have served in every branch of the military, including Special Operations units such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, Special Forces and SEALs. We also provide contracted training to the Special Operations community.

Over the course of the last year, our trainees have earned numerous Cadet/Midshipmen of the Month and Semester awards, Honor Graduate Awards, first choices of jobs and duty stations after graduation, successful completion of the selection process for the special operations community and Cadet Steis earned the Navy Federal Credit Union’s National AFROTC Cadet of the Year award.  During and after their service ends, they enter the community as true leaders and mentor the new generation of PTF trainees.

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