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The International Police Association was formed Jan 1, 1950, because Arthur Troop, a police sergeant from Lincolnshire, England, wanted to create a channel for friendship and international co-operation among police officers.  His notion of an Association with development of social, cultural and professional links among its members, in an environment free from discrimination of rank, sex, race, color, language or religion, became a reality.  The Esperanto Motto of the Association is SERVO PER AMIKECO which means "SERVICE THROUGH FRIENDSHIP".   The United States Section was formed on February 26, 1962 in Toledo, Ohio, totaling 30 members and the Section was officially recognized in Geneva Switzerland at the IEC on June 1962.


All officers serve in their spare time and receive no compensation of any kind to do so. OUR BY-LAWS FORBID ANY PARTICIPATION IN POLITICS, UNIONISM OR DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS AND ANY DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RACE, SEX OR RELIGION IS FORBIDDEN. Any qualified law enforcement officer from a recognized federal, state or local agency active or retired is welcome.





  • To unite in service and friendship all active and retired members of law enforcement service throughout the world in member countries.

  • To arrange exchange, rest and recreational programs, communication, friendships, and study group visits.

  • To establish an educational program to meet the needs of the members through study outlines in approved law enforcement subjects.

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